Friday, 6 April 2007

Easter Message - Lost in Translation

Sometimes things are not as they seem or as sensationalist newspaper headlines would have us believe. Just as well or we already be 20 feet under the waves of global warming! Having seen the by now infamous Easter message from Jeffrey John, it is far from liberal apostasy! It is a very challenging, inspiring and comforting message and represents the best of what Christianity can be. It will never satisfy those who would have us make penal substitutionary atonement a litmus test of faith and that is a good thing. For me personally that God is not a God that I can find myself attracted towards. I fail to understand how some people seem to embrace bad news with such glee - again a bit like the zealots of global warming who remind me in turn of the strange cult of the extreme fundamentalist 'Left Behind' readers. There is enough misery in this world without Christians joining those who perversly enjoy wallowing in the misery and pain of others! What ever happened to the Good News?! Read Jeffrey John's message here.

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