Saturday 28 March 2009

That would be an Ecumenical Matter

No - this post is not about Craggy Island: Today is the 150th Anniversary of  The Irish Times newspaper - In recognition of this today's Irish Times contained a facsimile of the 1st copy of Tuesday March 29th 1859. It is a fascinating read but this in particular caught my attention, under the heading of 'The Church':

Kilkenny West: The Protestants and Roman Catholics of the parish of Kilkenny West having united in requesting the present rector, the Rev. W.B. Bryan - who is also patron of the benefice - not to resign the cure of the parish, and some of the parishioners having said that if he introduced any stranger they would not attend the parish church and others that they would go en masse and nail up the church doors, the Rev. H. T. Wilmot, who was to have been presented to the living on the resignation of mr Bryan, has in consequence of this proceeding, declined to take charge of the parish. - Westmeath Guardian

Sensible man Mr Wilmot - Knew when he wasn't wanted!  Most definitely an Ecumenical Matter :-)

Below is the other 'Ecumenical Matter' from the wonderful Fr Jack Hackett of Fr Ted fame

Grand Slam Song on Late Late Show & itunes

Click here to download the song: 'Here's to the Grand Slam & Ronan O'Gara' by the Corrigans, which opened the Late Late Show last night (27th March 09)

BBC report on ECO Village in my hometown of Cloughjordan

Photo BBC

Click here to read the story
Good to see some coverage of this story which could see our town become a centre of Eco/Architectural excellence.

Friday 27 March 2009

Ireland's biggest selling newspaper launches Corrigan Brothers Competition

To celebrate the release of "An Irish Man invented Rock and Roll" by the Corrigan brothers the Irish Independent are giving away a collection of some of Irelands greatest rock albums including U2, Thin Lizzy and Van Morrision as well as a Corrigan Brothers album and t-shirt!
Following on from the success of their infectious song "There's No One As Irish as Barack Obama", the Corrigan Brothers have recorded a feel good album jammed full of their signature type lyrics and memorable melodies. "An Irishman Invented Rock and Roll", the album, includes the singles "There's No One As Irish As Barack Obama" and the title track. Also worth looking out for is the surprise track which has been a runaway success before release: 'Jesus Freak' (This incidentally is PaddyAnglican's favourite).

Click HERE to enter the competition

Monday 23 March 2009

Here's to the Grand Slam and Ronan O'Gara

Every great celebration deserves a great song - Corrigan Brothers' tribute to Ireland's sporting heroes!


If you're in the UK hear it below:

And this of course is what it was all about - Highlights of the match below:

Sunday 22 March 2009

Corrigan Brothers New Album Tracks a Big Hit on the BBC

First it was Roger Royle, then Terry Wogan and Finally Aled Jones have all given a cracking endorsement to tracks from the forthcoming album by the Corrigan Brothers - An Irishman invented Rock and Roll.
Two clips below from the Terry Wogan and Aled Jones shows include the iconic - There's No one as Irish as Barack Obama and the new sensational track - Jesus Freak. 
I love this song and I think you will too!

Wednesday 18 March 2009

Anyone for Confession?

Thanks to Donncha for this suggestion which I will be installing in all my Churches, subject to Vestry approval of course!

Paddyanglican's gift to President Obama warmly received

Photo - Gerald Herbert - Irish Times

Yes - Just before the Taoiseach left for Washington he contacted me requesting something from Moneygall he could bring to the President. Along with photos and baptismal records I also included a copy of the Corrigan Brothers CD single: There's no one as Irish as Barack Obama. I read in the Washington Post this morning that the Taoiseach did indeed hand over the CD - Could this be the salvation of Ireland or at least Offaly? Only time will tell........

Below is the full list of the items sent from Moneygall:
Pictures (Printed and in digital format): 
Templeharry Church where Obama/Kearney records were found 
Parish Registers including baptisms of 2 siblings (Mary Anne & William Kearney) of Fulmouth Kearney who was the 3rd Great Grandfather of President Obama. 
Moneygall Chapel of Ease which was schoolhouse in 19th century where the Kearneys attended. 
The site of the Kearney dwelling and Shoemakers which is known locally as Kearney’s Gardens

Local history publication (Supplied by Henry Healy)
Bumper stickers printed in anticipation of a presidential visit!
One of many signs around village celebrating the Obama Moneygall link
A copy of invitation sent to the President by the people of Moneygall in January
The single and video of ‘There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama’ by the Corrigan Brothers

Monday 16 March 2009

Paddy Anglican on NBC Today Programme

Jesus Freak let loose on the BBC

Ger Corrigan was on BBC Radio 2's Aled Jones Show on Sunday 15th March - Unfortunately Aled was away but the show was ably presented by Roger Royle in his absence. Just to confuse the situation further Ger insisted on calling Roger 'George'! The important thing is that it was a great interview and out of it yours truly has a new title, 'Band Chaplain'! I still have to check with the lads as to the Terms and Conditions but I am thinking of adding it to my stationery. At the end of the interview a track called Jesus Freak (From the forthcoming album: An Irishman invented Rock and Roll) was played by Roger Royle. Click on the player above to hear the song. The song is a cracker and will resonate with anyone who has ever encountered the more aggressive type of street-evangelism.
You can also listen to the interview with Ger Corrigan on the player below.

Friday 13 March 2009

You heard it here first! An Irish man invented Rock and Roll!

We may be broke, we may be bunched, but hey there's still good news!  An Irish man invented Rock and Roll!  The Corrigan Brothers latest single went on sale today - Do your patriotic duty this St. Patrick's weekend and buy your copy in your local record store or alternatively download it here .  See the video here .  Send your Corrigan Brothers St. Patrick's Day card here - You too can do Riverdance!  

If in UK where YouTube is currently blocking music videos CLICK HERE to see it

Share the fun - Share some good news in these difficult times - Beat the recession blues and let's Rock our way out of the economic downturn! An Irish man invented Rock and Roll - Show your support for the Corrigan Brothers as they roll back the clock on the bad times and be a part of the Rock and Roll revolution!
Watch out for the Album of the same name coming to all good record stores on 3rd April!

Thursday 5 March 2009

They Grow up Fast!

You never really know what happens when your children go to school - A couple of weeks ago Aaron told us he gave flowers to a girl in school! - I open yesterday's Nenagh Guardian and what do I find? ..........There he is with the Rose of Tralee? - That's my boy  :-)

Wednesday 4 March 2009