Friday 19 November 2010

Begorrah Begorrah

Check out this wonderful new website which brings a fresh angle on all things Irish: Begorrah Begorrah

Below is a recent article from the website:
Bono may be willing to Save Ireland
Bono's House -Nov 19th- International saviour of nations ,Mr Bono adressed the thousands of people gathered outside his Killiney home last night and brought some hope to a desperate nation. Standing on his balcony he spoke for seven hours to the helpless people. Wearing his trademark Sunglasses and disguising the pain from his back trouble he told his disciples "if they give you cheese then imagine it's caviar". Bono, famous for eliminating the debt of other nations said "It is a big ask for me to save you but i'll get on the blower to Nelson Mandela straight away and ask him to organise a big concert in Africa,how does PaddyAid sound". This was greeted with uproarious cheers. Bono then descended from the balcony and agreed to allow some ordinary people touch him.

Sunday 7 November 2010