Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sing your way through Budget Day!

Yes you heard it right - There is a way to get through today without loosing your shirt! Sing your way through the Budget Speech - Drown out Lenihan's words of woe and in the words of Monthy Python - Always look on the bright side of death! Listen and Dance to 'Credit Crunch' by the Corrigan Brothers and you just may get through today!

Corrigan Brothers - An Irishman Invented Rock and Roll - Credit Crunch
Download the song on itunes and sing along to the words below:

Also see it on Corrigan Brothers Blog


Well your hedge fund manager

Has sold his yacht

Your shares are worthless and

You’ve been caught

The CEO of your bank

Says you’re savings are in the tank

There’s no such thing

As a free lunch

Come on lets dance the credit crunch

Cross your legs

Step left and rise

put your hands

Over your eyes

Jump up and down

Make sure you sway

And hope the credit crunch

Goes away

Your wifes upset

In disarray

You sold her handbags

On ebay

You swapped her best

Designer shoes

For a months supply

Of booze

Cross your legs.....

Your kids are mad

What can you say

You can’t affoard

Their ballet

Someday those boys

May just shoot you

Coz you went

And sold their tutu

Cross your legs....

The repo man

Took your tv

He’s coming back

For the SUV

Enlargement done

On your wife’s breasts

May someday

Be repossessed

Cross your legs...

Cross your legs...

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