Sunday 19 April 2009

Myleene Klass to tinkle the Corrigan Brothers keys

Today's Mail on Sunday (p.30) carries the exclusive news that the beautiful and multi-talented Myleene Klass is to record a song written by Corrigan Brothers, Ger, Brian & Donncha along with their friend and producer Pete Creighton.
The song called 'Hope' which I have had a preview of is a tribute to the hope that gets us through life's difficult patches. It was written by the lads during our recent trip to Washington for the presidential inauguration and it was the hope which made that event possible that inspired this wonderful song. Watch out for its release in the near future, and while you're waiting check out the lads album available here:
Corrigan Brothers - An Irishman Invented Rock and Roll
Myleene claims to have some Irish roots - Must check out the Moneygall registers!

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