Saturday 25 April 2009

John McGuinness on Late Late - More of this please!

How refreshing it was to listen to TD John McGuinness on last night's Late Late Show - Finally someone who is not afraid to put Country before Party and someone who actually seems to have some idea of what they are talking about! Be very afraid Mary Coughlan - You have been found out! This is not sour grapes but rather the truth finally coming out and that is only a problem for those who have something to hide!
Click here and go to the 18 minute mark to see the interview.


C'est La Craic said...

For people outside of Ireland (RTE protect certain videos by GeoAccess based on your IP address)go to

episode 24 April, this will bring up the full show so go to around 18 minutes to see the interview

Stephen Neill said...

Cheers - Le Craic :-)