Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Irish Independent features Paddy Anglican’s Budget Survival Strategy - Sing through the Credit Crunch!

There is another way to get through these dark and dangerous times and my blogpost yesterday seemed to strike a cord with elements of the media. (Scroll down for yesterday’s post)
Writing in the Irish Independent this morning (Click here for article), Kim Bielenberg noted that:

“Unorthodox Church of Ireland priest Stephen Neill yesterday urged his flock in Tipperary to "sing your way through Budget Day''. "Drown out Lenihan's words of woe,'' advised the worthy Rector of Cloughjordan," and in the words of Monty Python -- always look on the bright side of death!''
Sound financial advice indeed.
The Reverend Neill told me yesterday he had stuck to his commandment and spent the Budget speech singing Credit Crunch, a little known ditty by the Corrigan Brothers.
In case you want to join in, the lyrics are printed on his web blog, Paddy Anglican:
The repo man took your TV
He's coming back for the SUV
Enlargement done on your wife's breasts
May someday be repossessed.''

Call me old-fashioned, but religion ain't what it used to be.

Check out the track below on YouTube

That “little known ditty” is an album track and one of many gems on the newly released debut album, "An Irishman invented Rock n’ Roll” by the Corrigan Brothers and I would advise anyone reading this to go out to your nearest record store and buy it immediately or download it here on itunes.
(Click on button) Corrigan Brothers - An Irishman Invented Rock and Roll - An Irishman Invented Rock and Roll
Your mental health depends on it! For as little as €9.99 (or only 99c for the Credit Crunch track) you can seriously boost your flagging morale! (Read my review here)

Incidentally and in the interests of transparency I must declare an interest: Already official ‘Rock Chaplain’ to the Corrigan Brothers, my brief has now been extended with the addition of “special responsibility for PR”
The album has been picked up already by the US Media (President Obama himself requested a copy) and the BBC have recognised its potential, regularly featuring tracks on the album on the Terry Wogan Radio show and on Aled Jones Sunday morning radio show. (Listen to BBC coverage here.) One track in particular, ‘Jesus Freak’ has become a surprise hit on Christian Radio stations throughout the US and the UK! It seems that we in Ireland are the last to recognize what an inspiring and fun album this is. These are times when we need to smile and put our best foot forward. Buy the album today and lets begin the recovery right now!

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