Monday, 19 April 2010

Politics isn't just for Politicians - Peter Nevin shows how its done!

A good friend sent me this over the weekend. He knows the person concerned and speaks highly of him. I trust his judgement and I like what I read - I think anyone prepared to get off their backside instead of just moaning deserves support - Better to light a candle than curse the darkness - See what you think:

My name is Peter Nevin and I work here in Limerick as a psychotherapist. Through my work, I have come to appreciate and value the positive change that comes about when clients take on personal responsibility for the way they live their lives.

I have been following the debate on political reform and I believe that there is an appetite for, and an ability to produce reform now. I have no experience of political activism or affiliation; I write as an individual who is passionate about voting and concerned about our country and wish to see greater engagement by all in the running of our country.

I have launched a petition calling for the establishment of a Citizen's Assembly on Political Reform. This would be modelled on the Citizen's Assembly that was formed in British Colombia in 2004/2005 which led to increased public participation and political reform.

Under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty, a petition can be raised by the people of the EU, calling for change. Any such petition requires one million signatures across one-quarter of the countries within the EU before it can be put to a referendum. If that same level of representation across the EU is applied to within Ireland, it would be the equivalent of approx. 9,000 people in at least 11 constituencies signing a petition.

The petition form can be downloaded from the website Look under the 'News' tab.


Claire Boyles said...

Excellent! I just went to sign up- but he wants people to Print off a Letter & post it!

Has that got to do with specific requirements under the legislation?

Would be a lot easier to achieve if email letters were accepted.

Stephen Neill said...

Claire - I will ask him - Good point

Stephen Neill said...

Peter just back to me - Reasons are that email signatures not verifiable and that the effort required to download and print and post the form shows greater involvement.

Fair point I think - So many online polls out there that they become devalued