Monday, 19 April 2010

Haiti Connect - Doing what it says on the Tin!

Readers of this blog may recall some months back I posted THIS
Time for an update - In fact long overdue!

Haiti Connect is a charity set up by Evert Bopp with the support of his wife Kate to bring an enhanced wireless network to the people of Haiti, their Government and the various NGOs working in that devestated part of the world. As we all know communication is vital for development and growth and indeed critical in times of natural disaster. Poor communication costs lives!

Evert and Kate are near neighbours of mine on the shores of Lough Derg though we only seem to meet in cyberspace. Nevertheless I am hugely impressed at what they and their growing team have managed to do with an initiative which started only months ago. They are now on the ground doing what it says on the tin - Connecting Haiti and assisting in the support of the various NGOs who are trying to rebuild shattered lives and prevent further unnecessary deaths.

Some were very sceptical of and hostile to this initiative including some fellow bloggers who I have a lot of time for. I have to admit I too had my private concerns but I was wrong - very wrong and I am sorry for having doubted them! If you read Evert's latest posts from Haiti (HERE & HERE) you will see that he and his team are making a difference and far from 'getting in the way' as some suggested, they are helping communications on the ground and thus improving the efficiency of the various agencies. This is something that should be celebrated and applauded. I wish I had the courage to do what they have done!

We live in sceptical and cynical times and sometimes we allow that to overwhelm us rather than allowing the possibility that small initiatives can make a big difference. If others like you and me actually got our hands dirty we might just be able to turn our own country around. Haiti Connect has received considerable and much deserved support from George Hook on Newstalk - George is another person who walks the talk. Anyone who saw his documentary from Haiti filmed before the recent earthquake could not help but be moved. He is also part of a growing movement to encourage the citizens of Ireland to take the future of this Island into their own hands.

Whether in Haiti or at home in Ireland we can make a difference. Many have already contributed so generously to various organisations working in Haiti but if you do have a few euros that you could live without I would unreservedly commend Haiti Connect as a worthy destination. Lets encourage those who walk the talk!

For Donation details including Paypal: CLICK HERE


Evert Bopp said...

I told you I would do it ;-)
Thanks for the support, it means a lot.


Stephen Neill said...

Welcome friend - Hope you get home soon