Thursday, 25 February 2010

Paddy's Picks No.1

As a new departure and to keep the blog alive when I'm not feeling especially productive I am going to share on a regular basis some of my favourite sites/blogs/posts.

Here are a few to start:

Real Live Preacher - A post called 'You ain't Jesus preacher' - a lesson all of us who minister in whatever Church or community need to learn

Ron Rolheiser - A Roman Catholic theologian and regular columnist in religious newspapers and periodicals worldwide - always worth reading

Gareth Higgins - Looks at the intersection of film, the arts, politics and spirituality - Always has an interesting angle

Krista Tippett - Speaking of Faith - What it says on the tin - some superb interviews all supplied with audio and transcript - also available as a podcast

I hope you enjoy these resources - More to come..............

1 comment:

Grannymar said...

Nice idea PA, thanks for the links.