Friday, 26 February 2010

The Nuts and Bolts of Anglican Liturgy - Why we do what we do

 I came across this by chance while preparing a talk for a youth club on why we do what we do in Anglican churches - I was tempted just to download and play it to the group but that would be cheating. However I did watch it and got some great ideas. Set aside an hour - you won't regret it - the speaker has a sense of humour - essential when talking about the things of God.

The Nuts and Bolts of Anglican Liturgy from St. Peter's Anglican Church on Vimeo.

UPDATE: It has been pointed out to me that this parish is an ACNA parish in schism with ECUSA/TEC over the human sexuality issue - What a shame - most impressive presentation - an obviously genuine and committed priest lost to Anglicanism :(


Anonymous said...

I'll make no comment on the contents of the video. But I'd like to point out that his parish is a member of ACNA, the *schismatic* 'Anglican Church of North America'. Anglicans-in-communion-with-Canterbury - in the United States - are called Episcopalians. But I suspect you knew that.

... from a spikey Anglo-Catholic ... American Episcopalian

Stephen Neill said...

Oops! - probably would not have posted had I realised - that's a shame because the content is excellent - just goes to show what a trajedy our current schisms are - There was one anti ++Rowan comment which should have flagged it for me :( I would certainly not align myself with ACNA and am a firm supporter of TEC I attended +Gene's Consecration in NH back in 2003 along with my bishop - our diocese was twinned with New Hampshire and we still have many contacts there including the bishop.

John said...

The content is excellent.

It is understandable that you as an Irish Anglican might see it and assume the same. Though I suppose if one is American (or Scottish) Episcopalian, we may tend to read or react to the name 'Anglican' somewhat differently. I suppose that reflects the different & various histories of we "reformed Catholics" in Ireland, England, Scotland and the States; and elsewhere no doubt. john

Stella said...

All these labels.
I was brought up a Methodist, married a Catholic, but as I have grown older the only label I am happy to wear is "Christian".
Some may see this as a cop out, but it's how I genuinely feel at this present time in my life.

Brian Daniels said...

Actually, the ACNA is in comnunion with Canterbury -