Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Major Midwest Event for Haiti - Pass on the word!

Bock the Robber, well known Limerick Blogger has along with his mates organised a huge musical/cultural fundraising event on Sunday 21st February in Limerick - The event is still taking shape but it promises to be very impressive and will hopefully raise more funds to alleviate the ongoing tragedy in Haiti. Read about it on his blog here and below

Huge fundraising Fest for Haiti

Hey Folks!
Sunday 21st Feb We are holding a massive event in aid of our brothers and sisters in Haiti who are in such despair.

We have a huge day planned with some top entertainment on hand. The venue is The Bentleys Complex- all the upstairs and downstairs rooms AND The Brazen Head next door. It's going to be a great day out and for a great cause.

We're gonna kick off around 3 in the courtyard with Jon Kenny and Mike Finn on hand as acting ringmaster 's for the day.
To ease you into it local outfit; The Downtown Dixieland Jazz Band will start, followed by a live Magic Show for the kids. Late afternoon, The Varadys,a family band with some serious talent will take the mainstage.

Around 6pm, The Brazen head next door will open and house such acts as The 54 club The Half Yards, and Joe Brown and The Durty Dawgs.

As all this is going on there will be various performers blipping around to entertain, Ballon Artistry and Fire Breathing, there will be food, of all sorts, a barbeque! On the top floor of Bentleys, in The Board Room will be a healing area. With a range of Complimentary Health Therapy and a nice place to sit and relax.

In The Piano Bar in Bentleys Nick Carswel will kick off procceedings and will be followed by a succession of Jazz Cats. Many from The Limerick Jazz Workshops.

The Grown ups will have the building all to themselves after 7pm, and from 9, downstairs bar Isaac Taylors will be taken over by a troupe of Limerick finest DJ's; Tokin White Boy, Cian Frawley, Roots Factory, Phil Wade, Paul Tarpey and Dan Sykes to name a few, will be taking turns in spinning vinyl in aid of Haiti on the night.

All of the money raised by this event will be suggested donation and will go to The Irish Red Cross. A Charity we took great care to choose and is doing great work on the ground in Haiti.

Check them out here

Please spread the word about this one folks, Its going to be huge we are looking for as much support as possible from all of you!

Email us on hurtforhaiti@gmail.com if you can think of anything you would like to do to help, at the very least could you post this event to your page for us and help us spread the word!
Thanks a Million folks!*

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Bock the Robber said...

Thanks Stephen. Just so people will know, I'm only one of several people involved, and all of them are more capable than I am.

We hope this event will be very good indeed, and will generate significant funds for Haiti, all of which will be going to the Red Cross.

We have no conscience about this, and we'll extract money from the puiblic in any way we can short of robbing them.

No, wait. We'll do that as well.

Come with a full wallet and expect to go home broke. Enjoy the music. Enjoy the grb. Enjoy the feel of Limerick at its open-hearted best.