Saturday 16 May 2009

Pete Creighton - This guy is good!

Pete Creighton is one of the most talented and self effacing guys I know. I don't know if he realises how good he is at what he does but I am so glad that he was recently acknowledged in a public forum for his 35 years in the music business. The picture above shows him (on left) receiving an award to mark this landmark achievement. You can find out more about Peter and his music on his new website: CLICK HERE
As well as song-writing and performing on a regular basis, Pete has his own recording Studio in Newport, Co. Tipperary and is much in demand. I can honestly say that if you want someone who will put 110% into your production then Pete is your man. And a nicer guy you would be hard pressed to find!


Comella said...

Interesant blog.

Stephen Neill said...

Thanks Comella :-)