Wednesday 27 May 2009

Patricia Anglican - Mini Marathon - The Music Video

Thanks to Pete Creighton master music producer & performer, Ger Corrigan lead singer with the Corrigan Brothers and wordsmith extroardinaire, along with Donncha Corrigan who despite an unfortunate accident with a drumstick managed to produce this visual treat. Thanks too to Brian Corrigan who was unavoidably detained elsewhere - or else he just couldn't cope with Patricia's unparalleled beauty ;-). What better friends could a woman have? In her hour of need this damsel in distress knew who to call (the A-Team being otherwise engaged).

If anyone suffers trauma from watching this video please call me on 087-2328172 and have your credit card ready - Alternatively you can sponsor my worthy cause 'Whiteboards for Cloughjordan School' by sending a cheque to: Cloughjordan No.1 N.S. Templemore Rd, Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary, Ireland and write 'ref Patricia' on the back of the cheque.

And Finally could I thank the parents association of Cloughjordan No. 1 N.S who supplied my rather fetching outfit - Special thanks for the bra extensions - I never knew such things existed until this venture (It sure is complicated being a woman). And a word of thanks to fellow blogger Grannymar who provided my monogrammed bloomers - these are to be auctioned after the event. (Washed of course) Grannymar wins the autographed copy of the brilliant debut album from the Corrigan Brothers (Did I mention them before? ;-) ) An Irishman Invented Rock n' Roll. Download it from itunes at the link below:
Corrigan Brothers - An Irishman Invented Rock and Roll - An Irishman Invented Rock and Roll


Grannymar said...

I thought there was something missing when I got dressed this am.;-)

Anonymous said...

yes there was

Robt said...

Just retrieved this from "Junk." Stephen y'r a brave man. A wee bit whacky, perhaps, but a brave man!

Stephen Neill said...

Thanks Robt - I guess whacky is good for whacky races ;-)