Friday 16 January 2009

Paddy Anglican and the Lovely Girls!

No – not a re-run of that by now infamous competition on Craggy Island but a visit yesterday to RTE TV studios in Dublin to appear on the Seoige show, prior to departure for Washington for next weeks events. Most enjoyable but what is that expression on my face?

UPDATE: Just got my techie minded brother to do a little retouching and give me a smile - he has also managed to iron out the creases in my shirt and given me back my chin! Apparently we look better in black and white.

See the show here and click on link for 15th January


Grannymar said...

With a bird in each hand...! No wonder you need to keep a straight face. ;)

Enjoy next weeks Extravaganza!

Stephen Neill said...

Thank you Grannymar - That must be the reason for my slightly glazed expression ;-)