Friday 16 January 2009

Breakfast with Mark Cagney & Sinead Desmond on TV3

Another most relaxing and fun show - Had a little more time to share the story and the atmosphere was more intimate and casual . Mark & Sinead were great hosts and it felt more like a chat than a broadcast. See it HERE.


Grannymar said...

Good relaxed interview!

We could do a show between us ;)

Stephen Neill said...

Aye :-) - Would that be Paddy & Granny or Granny & Paddy?

Ceithearna Coille, Craobh Nua Eabhrac said...

Canon Neill, come up for air!!!!

Let us know that you're alive and well!

One video from Moneygall thusfar:

We're all waiting to see and here from you!

paddyanglican said...

I'll be back soon - still in Washington but full report on my return

Ceithearna Coille, Craobh Nua Eabhrac said...

Reports indicate that Moneygall made its presence felt in Washington, D.C. this week.