Sunday, 21 December 2008

William Hague, Neil Kinnock and Rory Bremner bop to Obama Moneygall song!


Yes - It's true! William Hague, Neil Kinnock and Rory Bremner were seen live on BBC this morning bopping and singing along heartily to the Corrigan Brothers' There's No one as Irish as Barack Obama'. The clip which features below is from the Andrew Marr show, cult viewing to those of you who unlike this blogger has other things to do on a Sunday morning!

Watch it Here

And if you want more of this tune in to Podge and Rodge tomorrow night (Monday 22nd December 2008)  at 10.30pm on RTE 2 when The Corrigans will be special guests in Ballydung Manor. Not for the faint hearted - Beware!

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Póló said...

My father was born in Barrack St. Should that qualify me for an invitation to the inauguration?

It's an awful pity Joe O'Slizlok is not around to savour the idiom.