Saturday, 6 December 2008

This is my kind of Judge!

A DISTRICT Court judge was given a round of applause yesterday when he criticised the law which prevents young people working after 10pm........At Edenderry District Court Judge John Neilan said: “Stand on street corners, scratch your backside, take drugs but whatever you do, don’t go working. “Young people in gainful employment even an hour over time should not be penalised. It’s far, far better to have them working than floating around, standing on street corners, insulting everyone who passes by.”

This Judge Rocks! Read more Here


Grannymar said...

A man after my own heart!

C'est La Craic said...

The law is there to protect children from exploitation by unscrupulous employers.
In this case the judge did what he is suppsoed to do. He looked at the law in regard to the specifics of the case and saw that the filling station owner was not in any way exploiting these children. Fair play to him for using his common sense.

Póló said...

While I sympathise with the post, this is really an argument for changing the law.

Tricky issue.