Monday, 15 December 2008

How President Obama would have handled the Shoe throwing incident

Next time this happens we will have a US president better equipped to deal with incoming shoes! President Obama, as the descendent of Moneygall shoemaker Joseph Kearney, will realise that was simply a dissatisfied customer. He was returning his shoes for repair and assumed that all American presidents were experienced cobblers. All that was needed was a little heeling! (Or should that be healing?)


Anonymous said...

Bush was lucky the guy wasn't wearing hob nailed boots!

Anonymous said...

Nár laga Dia an lámh a chaith an bhróg sin!

Stephen Neill said...

Paddy - Or were we unlucky? ;-)

And to my friend as gaeilge I can only say Tá ;-)
Thanks for the new batch of bumper stickers - Distributed as requested

Anonymous said...

I think Obama would not have ducked the issue, but caught the footwear like a baseball!

Póló said...

Let's hope there would have been no dissatisfied customers in that case.

I notice Bush did not think of offering a refund!

Really bad customer relations.

Póló said...

PS: My great grandfather was also a cobbler.

Elizabeth Curran said...

Amazing, O'Bama's related to a cobbler!

Of course, I'm hoping Iraqis will have no need to throw shows at Barack, considering his contrary policies.

Really appreciate your fascinating blog, Stephen.