Tuesday 12 February 2008

Turkeys are just for Christmas - Vote Marc Roberts!

As a sad Eurovision fan (I am in therapy and hope one day to be able to give up this crutch), could I make a plea to STUFF THE TURKEY! Please O Please don't vote for Dustin! Could I without bias suggest you vote for Marc Roberts who is admittedly an old and good friend of mine from Crossmolina days but also happens to be a hell of a good singer/songwriter and who is the only Irish singer in recent years to have made even a dent on the competition. Marc came 2nd back in 1997 with 'Mysterious Woman'. He is also responsible for encouraging Daniel O'Donnell to pen some of his own songs and Marc has written and co-written a lot of his recent material. Some may see this as a minus but love him or loathe him Wee Daniel is successful - somebody is buying those albums! So ifyou want to ditch the turkey you know what you have to do on Saturday 23 February: Vote Marc! (Oh and of course don't forget Obama - different competition I know but every vote counts).

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