Saturday, 19 May 2007

Wiring up the Church - Who do you call?

I recently discovered a really good and balanced resource for 'doing Church' in this online World. It's a site called and it hosts a plethora of really helpful podcasts as well as a blog and a Myspace site. Something here for everyone and the crew that run it have the one essential trait for living in this postmodern world - a wicked sense of humour! There are some free podcasts which are well worth checking out even if you don't want to make the investment of becoming a paid subscriber - but if you do - It's worth it! Some of the subjects covered include 'potty training for the Church', 'A heretic's guide to eternity' and even 'Evangelicals and Transvestites' - you get the idea - an irreligious look at faith which just might help some people rediscover what lies beneath centuries of accumulated baggage.

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