Saturday, 26 May 2007

Cooking with Jesus

JesusPan - Put the image of Jesus RIGHT ON FOOD!
Holy images have been popping up all over... A grilled cheese sandwich with the image of the Virgin Mary sold for over 17-hundred dollars on Ebay.
- JesusPan is made from durable steel and topped with a non-stick coating.
- JesusPan is perfect for holiday meals
- Jesus Pan has been featured on Tonight Show with Jay Leno!
Worship at every meal with JesusPan

Tragically this is for real - order at


Primal Sneeze said...

Ha! That's brilliant.

It reminds me of that (awful) C&W song:
"I'd don't care if it rains or freezes
'Cos I've got my plastic Jesus
Riding on the dashboard of my car".

Stephen Neill said...

Lots more where that came from :-) What would life be like without American Kitsch?

Primal Sneeze said...

Eh, bearable?