Thursday, 24 May 2007

An Anglican solution to an Anglican problem…Not!

Gay bishop is left off Canterbury guest list
So it seems in the interests of unity and the preservation of the increasingly fragile Anglican Communion we have decided to exclude those whose mere existence threatens the status quo. Therefore +Gene Robinson is not welcome to join his brother and sister bishops when they gather at Lambeth 2008 to discuss among other issues ‘human sexuality’! Ah yes it makes perfect sense….if heaven forbid certain Anglican bishops were actually to listen to +Gene Robinson they might begin to understand that gay people and more specifically gay bishops are not a threat to the faith and integrity of fellow disciples of Christ. Perhaps part of the problem is that our focus is not on Christ but on our own institutions and we see any difference as a weakness rather than part of the rich diversity which is basic to humanity and which a God who is much bigger than our differences is well able to cope with! The unity which we achieve through exclusion is a inherently flawed and dishonest. What is even more disturbing is the fact that bishops who support Mugabe’s murderous regime in Zimbabwe remain in favour while one who happens to be part of the 10% of humanity who are created by God as gay and has the courage to be true to himself is deemed unwelcome! I despair for the Anglican Communion and I long for the day when the Archbishop of Canterbury has the courage to share his own personal conviction on this issue with the Anglican Communion. Leadership is about consensus but it is also about integrity and there is a distinct shortage of that at the moment.

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