Thursday 4 June 2009

A new beginning for Islam's relationship with the West? Obama makes a good start!


Jigsaw said...

Obama is making a huge mistake in appearing very weak.He is going to ruin the american economy with massive debt and in pandering to Islam he doesnt know what he is doing.Remember, Obama couldn't care less about Ireland as he wants american companies only in the USA.I am from Cork and his economic policies do not suit Ireland at all.Don't believe the hype just because everyone says it!! My wife is from Tipp by the way!!!

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Stephen Neill said...

Jigsaw - Genorosity and understanding do not equal weakness! The politics of force have failed - witness Iraq! Re the protectionism issue, Ireland is not the target here! Caymen Islands are his main issue.

Jigsaw said...

Respectfully, I would disagree on both accounts.There is democracy in Iraq.Women are getting education finally.You cant tell me the world is not a better place without Saddam.If Brian Cowen was like him I would be shot if I criticised our government.My whole point about the work situation is that Ireland is not the target as you said.Thats my point! He name dropped us as a tax haven! Before election he said he would close Guantanimo, he has not.He is stuck now.He said US unemployment would not rise with his stimulus but it has.As Joe Biden and Hillary said, he lacks the experience and now is being found out.I think he wont last beyond his first term.