Monday, 22 June 2009

My best 40th Birthday Card

The line inside reads: 'Praise the Lord and have a Happy Birthday'


Primal Sneeze said...


Stephen Neill said...

A former rector of Galway - One Canon Patrick Towers

Grannymar said...

I don't see any clothes I recognise. ;)

Simon said...

Way to go Stephen! Many happy returns :)

Bock the Robber said...

All the religious whackos are gone.

Now we're left with the reasonable people who think a dead man can wake up.

Póló said...


Don't say you're already past it at 40.

Are you so distracted that you missed this extension of empire by your favourite group?

The Corrigan Brothers have granted Independent candidate Craig Murray exclusive use of their expenses song for his anti-sleaze election campaign in the forthcoming UK general election in the Norwich North constituency.

Sock it to 'em lads!

Stephen Neill said...

You got me Póló ;-)

Póló said...

Time for another post?

Póló said...

PS: sorry, I meant, by-election!

By the way, Craig only got under 1k votes, but he was systematically excluded by every main stream media outlet and derided on his blog by Trolls who materialised for the campaign.

He is a worthy person, despite his admitted sins, and I hope he stands in the upcoming UK general election. What he could say under the privilege of parliament would likely give any speaker a nervous breakdown. Having said that, he has already said most of it without the protection of privilege and nobody has had the guts (or idiocy) to sue him.

He has written two very good books, about his time in Uzbekistan and in Africa.