Thursday 5 March 2009

They Grow up Fast!

You never really know what happens when your children go to school - A couple of weeks ago Aaron told us he gave flowers to a girl in school! - I open yesterday's Nenagh Guardian and what do I find? ..........There he is with the Rose of Tralee? - That's my boy  :-)


Thunder Cat said...

Crikey he is the head of ya!!, i love the look in his eye..
He sure can pick em!!...Then again what would you expect from the Great Son Of God...Is that Winner of last (this )years Rose?

paddyanglican said...

TC - Yes indeed - Like Father, Like Son ;-) BTW I think you mean Great Son of GMOG - Clarification purely for the sake of the avoidance of Heresy ;-) As Ted himself would say :-)
In answer to your question - Current Rose (From Tipp) - Not yet deflowered ;-)

Grannymar said...

What a fine young man with good taste too!

He must take after.............his mother! ;)