Saturday, 28 March 2009

That would be an Ecumenical Matter

No - this post is not about Craggy Island: Today is the 150th Anniversary of  The Irish Times newspaper - In recognition of this today's Irish Times contained a facsimile of the 1st copy of Tuesday March 29th 1859. It is a fascinating read but this in particular caught my attention, under the heading of 'The Church':

Kilkenny West: The Protestants and Roman Catholics of the parish of Kilkenny West having united in requesting the present rector, the Rev. W.B. Bryan - who is also patron of the benefice - not to resign the cure of the parish, and some of the parishioners having said that if he introduced any stranger they would not attend the parish church and others that they would go en masse and nail up the church doors, the Rev. H. T. Wilmot, who was to have been presented to the living on the resignation of mr Bryan, has in consequence of this proceeding, declined to take charge of the parish. - Westmeath Guardian

Sensible man Mr Wilmot - Knew when he wasn't wanted!  Most definitely an Ecumenical Matter :-)

Below is the other 'Ecumenical Matter' from the wonderful Fr Jack Hackett of Fr Ted fame

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