Saturday, 21 November 2009

Norwegian Choir Wow Cloughjordan

This most unusual choir of 5 voices has only been formed for 2 months and yet they sound as if they have been playing together forever! Beautiful voices and haunting melodies combine to give a wonderfully uplifting experience. As yet unamed the choir are thinking of calling themselves 'Clough' after Cloughjordan Co. Tipperary where this performance took place on Nov 21st 2009. We look forward to more :-) The performance took place in St. Kieran's Church where I am rector.


Deirdre said...

Thanks for the clips. Hard to believe they've only been singing together for a couple of months! I think this group could be an international name before long. Feel very privileged to have heard them here in Cloughjordan before they even had a name! Deirdre

Stephen Neill said...

Deirdre - Weren't they superb - really inspiring stuff - they should do very well :-)