Tuesday, 4 August 2009

PaddyAnglican in the Health Supplement of the Irish Times!

Read all about it HERE


Daniel & Sonja said...

Great article - and very helpful too. Thank you.

Stephen Neill said...

Thanks Daniel - sometimes when you do interviews like that they can turn out giving all the wrong impressions - I was pretty happy with that :-)

Póló said...

How did yourselves and the Poultons end up in the Health Supplement, of all things, on the same day in the Paper of Record?

Is this a reverse take-over of the Irish Times.

That said, both pieces were extremely interesting and a credit to y'all.

Stephen Neill said...

Póló - I know - Mad world! Me and health in same sentence!
Did you like my fridge magnets?
Glad you enjoyed the articles :-)

Póló said...

Queerist looking fridge I ever saw, but obviously genuine metal.

I loved this one.

Stephen Neill said...

Oh that is brilliant :-)

Póló said...

Isn't it good.

My interest in Birr (your county) is that I think my granda may have dirtied his bib there around 1912. I'm hot on the trail. I am still lacking an ODC in my family history and I think I may be on to something here.

Keep up the good work.

Dianne Barbee said...


I thoroughly enjoyed the Irish Times article. I am a musician, but spent many a year writing for newspapers. Thnx for the link!

Thank you, too, for dropping by the Barack Obama birthday entry at Carolina On My Mind. The blog is posted at the Carolina site, as well as Clay Aiken's fan club; and there are some impressed readers in both places.

Great to meet "the real Stephen Neill"! I love the "No One as Irish" song and have posted links in previous blogs about Barack Obama.

Btw, I am following you at Twitter with this same screen name.

Have an awesome week!


Ashes said...

Hello! A link to your blog is in Carolina Clay's President Obama Birthday blog. Your writings are a great read, and I especially enjoyed the "Journey Into Hope" entry.

I'm a Canadian, and was delighted when Obama became President of the U.S.

For sure I'll be returning to read more of your interesting entries!

regards, "Ashes"