Thursday, 23 July 2009

Now that is what I call an Entrance!


Unknown said...


Lorna said...

Wow, I couldn't wait to see what the bride was going to do!
Talk about setting a brilliant atmosphere for the rest of the day!

Póló said...

Bit over the top but I know what you mean.

And now for something totally different ...

The current RC obsession with getting back to hymns and approved religious music in church for weddings and funerals is abhorrent.

Why can't the idiots celebrate art, tout court, including music. They are, perhaps unwittingly, trying to divorce religion from real life.

It really takes me back to the bad old days, when the RC church had a very simple (religion versus secular) view of life, and they were in charge of the superior element.

Des Fennell said it all for me in 1963. "Statues of Mary in RC churches had no breasts."