Friday 20 February 2009

Peace be with you - I don't think so!

A hard hitting look at how we relate to one another in church
- A wonderful song by Richard Stilgoe & Peter Skellern.
Be prepared to weep (with laughter).


Anonymous said...

Good one, Stephen!!

Stephen Neill said...

Thank you whoever you are :-)

Grannymar said...

I'll say good one and you know who I am!

Any chance you will make it to Cork?

Stephen Neill said...

Aah the anonymous Grannymar ;-)
Sadly no - Duty calls and crazy busy getting ready for hols

Paul. said...

oh Paddy... long time no see, and well done on the biffo/obama thing!

That's brilliant (mind you peter skell and I go back a long way) you've given me a new video to show in my Celtic - Rangers pub before the next Glasgow derby... (we're not allowed to say old firm anymore, it just damages us fenians by association) Now please give me a take the urine out of the Catholics one so my day (and my collection for Glasgow ) can be complete.


Póló said...

Lovely piece.

Mind you the RCC is heading back towards the Tridentine so all this peaceful physical contact may be on the way out.

Don't know what to put in it's place. Nod or primal scream maybe.

Well done.

Paddy said...

I love it!

I'll shake hands with you Stephen. Mrs. Beamish is some woman!


Anonymous said...

Mrs Beamish: exactly why I stopped going to church! Nic P