Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The night before the morning after.........

The tension is increasing. All day long the media have been descending on Moneygall and capturing the mood of the village as preparations are made for tonight's election watch party. A couple of satellite trucks sit on the side of the main street preparing to beam the good wishes of the residents of Moneygall to a land far away, but to a son of Moneygall who is close to their hearts. Senator Barack Obama is the only name you here in this town - and tomorrow they hope to wake up to hear that their Senator is to be President Barack Obama, the first Irish-African-American president of the USA!


Anonymous said...

Ah here! What's this about you guys and Grand National winner, Papillion?

He's ours! We trained him. You can have your president, but don't steal our horse.

Póló said...

It's a long way to tip a Rary!

Stephen Neill said...

Primal - He was trained in Moneygall - We have the plaque on the wall to prove it! :-)

polo - nice one :-)

Just home from the party - I walked out and the Gardai walked in - 6th sense or what ;-)
Half the press core caught on in Moneygall - but who will write the headlines?

Anonymous said...

Given the day that's in it, I'll let the Papillon thing go. (I'll be back to it though).

Anyway, that's class. A bunch of journos done for late drinking. You may have to step in and save the day. That's make 3 days in a row in the Irish Times.