Thursday, 7 August 2008

Stealing Obama!

I´m only away for a week and the Dubs are up to their old tricks - Apparently Obama´s 6th great grand uncle was a wig maker in Dublin! Well sorry to dissappoint you guys but I reckon Moneygall´s 4th great grand father trumps your 6th great grand uncle! So Hands off! It´s beginning to sound like a game of genealogical Top Trumps! :-) Mind you it does show how everyone wants to get a piece of Obama and his celebrity. Can´t blame the Dubs for trying but on this occassion they are a long ways offside. I´m away for another week so by then I imagine Obama will be found to be a 15th cousin 17 times removed of Jackie Healy-Ray! ;-)


Anonymous said...

When he invades Iran, or wherever, at least the people of Moneygall can blame it on the Dubs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen - nothing related to comment really! just sent an email to your paddyanglican email trying to make contact - you can remove this post!


Anonymous said...

No - all comments welcome! That's the only one I've had all week! ;-)