Friday, 18 July 2008

Brutal slaying of Andrew Hanlon

Fellow Blogger Bock the Robber has taken up this issue and uncovered some very disturbing information as to the circumstances surrounding the brutal slaying of Andrew Hanlon in Oregon recently. This is a short extract from one of Bock's postings: 

Andrew fell down before Gonzales shot him the final time, but he didn’t just trip.  He had already been shot, probably fatally, and without warning.

Gonzales only shouted a warning to Andrew after he was already fatally injured.  When he was lying on the ground, trying to get up, Gonzales then shot him again several times, in the limbs, causing the young rookie policeman who accompanied him to throw up in horror.

Now why would he do this?  Well, one possible reason is that he knew Andrew was going to die, and he needed to show that some disabling shots had been fired.  My guess is that he will now try to reverse the chronology and claim to have fired the leg and arm shots first.  He’ll claim that the fatal wounds were inflicted only after Andrew refused to stop.

I’ll remind you again: Andrew Hanlon was shot seven times, and possibly by two different weapons.

and the rest is here

If what Bock has uncovered is even half true then Andrew's killing was cold-blooded murder and a cover up to boot!

And now this:


Bock the Robber said...

Thanks Stephen. This is an absolutely outrageous story and it deserves to be exposed. Tell everyone you know about the merciless killing of this gifted and harmless Irish boy. Ask them to tell everyone they know about this disgrace.

Shame the oregon authorities into a proper investigation, instead of the cover-up they're now working on.

Write to your TD. Write to the White House.

Be angry at this boy's shameful death.

Stephen Neill said...

I will! This is beyond the pale - I was late waking up to it but I am onboard!

Bock the Robber said...

Also, if you wouldn't mind my pointing out, all the Bock posts about this appalling incident are HERE

Stephen Neill said...

Yup - I linked to that in my post just after the quote from your post

Stephen Neill said...

Incidentally - If Obama decides to stop over in Moneygall I shall take the opportunity to bend his ear - whether next week or next year this must not go away!