Wednesday 18 June 2008

Paddy Anglican auf Deutsch!

This from ZDF (German TV) who recently visited Moneygall to research the Obama story. I was dubbed for the ocassion which some may see as an improvement ;-) Personally I prefer subtitles but I suppose I will have to wait for French TV! I always did like their subtitled films ;-)


Primal Sneeze said...

In a 1989 book by Max Schmid and Han-Christian Oeser a chapter is dedicated to pubs: Der iriche Pub: Nabel der Nation.

Wer dem Mittlepunkt Irlands sucht, findet ihn nicht etwas im geographischen Zentrum der Insel ... sondern in den rund 10,00 Kneipen ...

Die Nabelschnur ... ist der Schlauch zwischen Bierfass und Zapfhahn

This crew had to bring the pub into it too.

Maybe they're right. Wonder if Paddy Power is taking bets yet as to what pint Obama will ask for when he visits? I, like thousands of others, lost money on Reagan - him and his damn ale!

Stephen Neill said...

He won't have to ask - It will be provided - I will make sure he has the real thing, courtesy of AG :-) I'll even taste it first just to make sure its genuine ;-)