Friday, 9 May 2008

Night at the Movies

Everything is Spiritual 

Invitation to Cloughjordan

In the Hebrew Scriptures there is no word for "spiritual." And Jesus never used the phrase "spiritual life." 

Why? Because for Jesus and his tradition, all of life is spiritual. Rob Bell explores what this means.

St. Kieran’s Hall, Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary

Sunday 18th May at 7.30pm 

All Welcome

Admission Free 

In cooperation with Cloughjordan Cine Club

For Directions: email me at stephen 'dot' neill 'at' gmail 'dot'com

I have met the speaker and seen this film and can recommend it as an excellent and thought provoking production. Not just of interest to those of faith, but also to doubters, agnostics and atheists. - This film makes an important contribution to the sacred/secular debate which is so much a part of Irish society today. Come along and see/hear a fresh perspective! Why not go for a pint afterwards and continue the debate?


Bock the Robber said...

Sounds interesting, as does the suggestion of a pint.

No spirits, though.

paddyanglican said...

Got the Spirit out of the way last Sunday at Pentecost! ;-) So it should be safe for your Bockness to approach.

Paddy Bloggit said...

How did it go?

and ..... how's the head? :)

Stephen Neill said...

Well thanks - about 30 heads and the cat was good afterwards. Will definitely do it again soon.
My head is swollen as usual ;-) But not hurting!

Nautiman said...

Could going for a pint be added to the 39 Articles?

Stephen Neill said...

Oops for 'cat' read 'chat' :-)

Nautiman - Might make them more palatable - alternatively we could use them as beer mats!

Stephen Neill said...
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Stephen Neill said...
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Bock the Robber said...

Has the Rector been kidnapped?

Tune in next week to find out.