Saturday 5 January 2008

Obama 08 - Advance party arrives and finds the natives are friendly

Today in Moneygall (Ollie's pub to be exact), we welcomed members of the Irish Americans for Obama for a celebration of the Iowa caucus. Led by Diamond Ebs, (in photo with Paddy Anglican) they joined locals in a enthusiastic celebration of the 1st Primary of Election 08. As I write it is abundantly clear that this was no statistical blip. Polls show Obama a full 10% ahead of Hilary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary which takes place on Tuesday next. New Hampshire is one of the few parts of the US I am familiar with and having a small insight into their independent spirit I can honestly say I am confident that they will give Obama another well deserved endorsement.
I am very conscious that a lot of people think this is just another Ballyporeen moment and that would be a shame. Obama represents the best hope for an America that has tragically lost its soul during the Bush regime. This great country which once represented the abundance of hope and possibility is now blighted by a regime that trades on fear and prejudice. The effects of this are being felt throughout the world and for my money Obama is the only candidate who has the vision and the passion to change this descent into disaster. "Fired up! Ready to go!"

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Joakim said...

While sharing your concerns about 'an America that has tragically lost its soul', I wonder if Obama is the one to change things. Is the problem more deep seated? Could any Democrat or Republican candidate move beyond the right wing consensus blinkers of US policy formation? Obama certainly seems to swallow whole the AIPAC line of uncritical support for Israel and hostility to Iran as here: