Friday, 21 December 2007

Armed robbery at TESCO

Went to TESCO this evening to buy some of their budget photocopy paper. I picked up a sealed box of 5 reams and headed for the till. That was when it all started to go pear-shaped! The checkout girl scanned the barcode on the box: Error! Then she manually entered the code and same result: Error! She then informed me that she couldn't sell it to me if it didn't scan. I calmly suggested that she open the box and scan the reams inside which seemed like a moment of genius to her! She then looked helplessly at the box which was sealed with one of those unopenable seals as used to seal bales of briquettes. Realising her predicament I helpfully suggested: "I have a knife" and took out my trusty swiss army knife. Only when she stepped backwards and looked at me in terror did I realise she thought I was about to steal a box of A4 paper at knifepoint! Just before she hit the alarm I managed to say: "It's not a threat - I was only going to open the box!"
Still visibly shaken she watched as I opened the box and she duly successfully scanned the paper.
Happily the rest of our transaction passed without incident. Though in future I will keep my weapons concealed! :-)


grannymar said...

Glad to know I am not the only one with problems at Tesco checkouts.

Was the paper more expensive as 5 individual packs?

Stephen Neill said...

The joy of shopping eh ;-) Incidentally no - exactly the same price.

Primal Sneeze said...

Yep. I can picture that happening. Thinking outside the box (of paper) is something not done in supermarkets.